Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mediterranean Ocean

Seriously, doesn't the title of this post kinda say it all?  That's right people, I'm a 15 minute city bus ride from the Mediterranean Ocean!  How awesome is that?  I finally made it to the beach today.  It's beautiful, soft sand and wasn't crowded at all.  It's nearly the off season after all.  I volunteered to take a photo of this cute couple together and then got them to take this one of me in front of a fountain on the 'boardwalk' or 'paseo maritimo'.   It was also comfortingly familiar, because people at the beach look about the same anywhere, except of course that all Spanish beaches are topless.  I kept my top on, as did most of the people around me, but not everyone did.    The water was warm and the sand was soft, it was a lovely afternoon.

When I walked out of my pension this morning there was a big to-do in the main plaza.  There was some sort of handball competition going on on the street in front of the beautiful old 'city hall' building and they had ice cream samples and bouncy houses for the kids.  It was neat to see so many people out enjoying the day.  

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