Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bienvenida a España

I made it!  27 hours traveling door to door but now I am in Valencia, Spain.  I flew from Austin to Chicago to Madrid to Barcelona and took a train to Valencia.  I thought the train was gonna take 3 hours, it took 4.5. I love train travel though because I don't usually get motion sickness on them even if I'm reading.  Things are going more or less smoothly, I had a few little hiccups using the pay phones to try to reserve a place to stay.  The ring tone and the busy signal here all sound different than at home and I didn't recognize the busy signal.  I finally decided when I got here and I hadn't found anything I would splurge on a Rick Steves pick.  My room is HUGE and has air conditioning and they have free wifi.

So far my Spanish language skills are holding up to the challenge.  Tomorrow should be easier since I should get some decent sleep.  In Spanish in Spain any word with a C or Z that in other places would make an S sound, here they use the th sound. That's gonna take some getting used to, but I'm gonna keep practicing.  Also, I've already gotten a compliment on my Spanish.  Of course, that's because I'm so obviously a freckle-faced American people are impressed I can speak Spanish at all.  I helped a bunch of Americans make our connection in Madrid because they woman just told everyone the gate in Spanish and very few people knew what jota meant.

I've also done some pretty ridiculous people watching. I've seen tons of girls wearing super skinny jeans or short shorts but also several women in wild colored palazzo pants that have elastic at the ankles.

Tomorrow I'm gonna explore a little and try to find longer term lodgings :)


  1. Were that I were there!! It would be nice to be on an adventure that I had chosen rather than one that feels like it's happening to me! ;)
    Enjoy the people watching, but be careful! Too much contact with another culture leads to aculturation. Next thing you know, you're wearing pants with elastic around the ankle and think you look hot! :) Te quiero muchísimo, amiga! Cuidate mucho y te espero ver pronto (aun si sea por la computadora!)! - Lisita

  2. I'm glad you're there and safe, Toodie Bean. Continue to have fun and don't get deported, 'cause I'm pretty sure you didn't research the implications. Love, Jessie

  3. I'm so proud of you! Buena suerte con todo - besitos, Gail

  4. How exciting!!! I am so happy for you and can't wait to hear more of your Spanish adventures! Take care! Love, Amy

  5. what an adventure! spain is so awesome. i can't wait to hear more!

    and i love the people watching too, one's style cannot help but change as we adapt to the conditions around us, i can't wait to see what you pick up! zara & mango are musts! camper!

    te echo de menos!