Monday, October 26, 2009

Figueres, Spain

On our way out of Spain toward France (a few weeks ago now, sorry I'm so delayed) we stopped in Figueres Spain to visit the Salvador Dalí museum there. The museum is in an old theatre which was mostly destroyed in the Civil War and Dalí agreed to rebuild it if it could be a museum for his work. It was really amazing. Dalí's work is sometimes beautiful, sometimes disgusting
but always interesting. The painting above looks like Abraham Lincoln from a distance....but look closer. Cool huh? He has an entire room designed to look like Mae West when viewed from a platform. The boat he and his wife used to use is in the museum made into a sculpture with blue condoms dripping from the bottom. Erin and I and a new friend, Nadia (from Russia who we met at the hostel in Barcelona) took the train to Figueres for the day. After an afternoon gazing at Dalí's creations, Erin and I headed to Cadaques, Spain near Dalí's house. More information on that later.

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  1. I've been to that museum, too - it's really cool!