Friday, October 30, 2009

Cadaques, Spain

This is Hostal Cristina in Cadaques, Spain. We took a bus here from Figueres, Spain (again several weeks ago, I'm behind) and it went through beautiful mountains and showed us amazing coastal views. We arrived with no map and no reservations.
We walked UP this hill and back DOWN this hill following signs from the bus station to the tourism office. We got to the tourist office and got a list of lodging, walked half a block and there was Hostal Cristina, and we stayed there. Turns out, the next day when we went back to the bus station, the tourist office is a ten minute walk on pretty flat ground from the bus station, or, you can take the scenic route over the hill, like we did. These little pebbly streets were hard on my bag though, and one of the wheels cracked, I spent the next 10 days or so duct taping it. It made it as long as I needed it to though, it was only $20 so I guess I got what I paid for :)
This is the coast. We sat at a café and had some wine as the sun set. We found a lovely little restaurant and ate a very yummy dinner. We walked up and down the beach a lot. It was a tiny, gorgeous little village. We really enjoyed it. Now, getting from here to France (our next destination) was a bit tricky, but we loved Cadaques and I would definitely go back.

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